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(Filed: 24 December 2000)

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Type C-2 Flying Vest

The Type C-2 was a light weight wool sweater intended for layering under flying clothing. With the title "Vest - Flying Winter, Type C-2," the Class 13 Catalog described the C-2 as follows.

		For wear with winter flying suit only.  Sweater-type
		vest made of olive drab worsted yarns.  Raglan sleeves
		with rib knit cuffs.  Rib knit vee type collar.  Tubular
		rib knit waistband.  Interlocking slide fastener.

The C-2 was available in even sizes from 36 through 50.

According to the Type Designation Sheet documented in Sweeting, the C-2 was designated as Standard on June 18, 1934, as Limited Standard on June 2, 1944, and as Obsoleted and Removed April 10, 1946.

The example featured here and made by the Goodwear Knitting Mills is a size 44 but has suffered substantial shrinkage, likely due to washing.

A highlight of this C-2 is the Waldes Kover-Zip zipper which incorporates a complex fabric cover over the teeth. Arguably, the purpose of this cover is to act as a windbreaker, but the porous nature of the knit sweater itself would seem to render any benefits trivial. Nonetheless, this is a rare and fascinating zipper.

Additional images:

C-2 Vest


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  • U.S. Army Air Forces Illustrated Catalog, Class 13, September 30, 1943 (available in reprint).

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